Since the biblical garden of Eden man feels a passion for gardening.

We love a green meadow, fruiting trees, gurgling waters and a flashing display of colorful flowers. And we work hard to get these results.

Sometimes all our work is in vain. The weather plays nasty tricks, the soil conditions are poor, our garden gets not the right quantity of sun, or whatever other reason you can imagine.

But nature is inventive. No place can be so bad that you canīt grow a garden. There is a plant for almost every spot of earth (and some plants even grow without earth).

This site will give you tips for easy gardening and present plants for normal as well as for extrem gardening conditions.

All gardeners are wellcome to contribute to this site. If you miss your favorite plant, or if you found an easy solution for difficult gardening situations, please mail me at:

cerpenbeck (at) debitel (dot) net     (To make the e-mail-adress work, replace (at) with @   and (dot) with . )

I hope you will find plenty of time to enjoy your beatiful garden!

                                                                                       Charlotte Erpenbeck

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